Why a commercial newsroom should be in charge of its own brand

A new digital strategy for the newsroom that was launched by the New Jersey Department of Business and Professional Regulation this week could make a big difference in how newsrooms are viewed by consumers.

The new model, announced by the agency on Wednesday, is called Digital First.

It’s designed to better manage the growth of newsrooms in the digital era.

It includes more digital resources, such as a Digital First Newsroom and Digital First Digital Hub, as well as new digital platforms and a Digital Newsroom for New Jersey.

Digital First aims to bring digital newsrooms to the forefront of consumer engagement with the stories they cover.

“Newsrooms are increasingly being seen as an information service rather than an information product,” said Kristi Hahn, commissioner of the Department of Professional Regulation, in a statement.

“As we look to digital platforms to better serve our audience, it’s important that we have the right people in the right positions to be successful and succeed in the future.

Digital Newsrooms are part of this strategy.”

The agency said digital newsroom leadership will be led by a digital-savvy, digital-friendly leader.

This will include people who are well versed in digital content and are well positioned to run digital platforms.

“Digital Newsrooms will not only help manage digital growth, they will be part of the digital conversation that will determine how news is delivered and disseminated,” the statement said.

“The Digital First strategy will build on our strong relationships with newsrooms and the public to help us achieve our goal of better digital engagement.”

The New Jersey-based newsroom association, the Association of New Jersey Business, applauded the announcement.

“Digital First will be a valuable and necessary investment for our state,” said Gary Mancini, president of the New Brunswick Business Association.

“We welcome Digital First’s inclusion into our Digital First plan to ensure New Jersey is recognized as a leader in digital news.”

New Jersey is not the first state to adopt a digital strategy.

Last year, New York City and Los Angeles became the first cities to put digital news rooms in charge.

The newsrooms of other states are also in the process of adopting digital strategies.

A group of media companies has started an effort to bring more digital news to the state.

For example, in July, CBS will open up its newsroom to digital news content.

And earlier this month, CBS announced it will begin publishing more digital content.

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