What do you think of the latest ad by the Senate Democrats on ObamaCare?

Fox News | 09/08/18 | 12:17:26The Senate Democrats are trying to portray President Donald Trump’s signature healthcare reform law as a failure.

But in the wake of the House GOP’s failed attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, the Senate’s version of the bill has become increasingly unpopular.

Fox News | 08/08: House passes repeal and replacement of ACA, Senate’s bill becomes less popularFox News| 08/04: Trump’s failure to repeal ObamaCare: Senate GOP is in for a shockThis is a story about what happened when Republicans in the House and Senate tried to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act, a law that provides health insurance to millions of Americans.

The GOP-controlled Congress voted to repeal, replace and expand the law in April.

The legislation passed both chambers in the same month, but Trump refused to sign the bill into law.

Trump had already signed an executive order that would have repealed and replaced the Affordable Health Care Act.

He also vowed to keep the law, but the Republican-led Senate did not act on his orders.

Now the Senate has sent the Senate version of its version of ObamaCare legislation back to the House for an up-or-down vote.

The House is expected to vote on the House version on Thursday.

House leaders say they will use a procedural tool to get the Senate bill to the president’s desk.

The Senate will have 60 votes to pass the bill.

If that happens, the House will have to send it back to Trump for his signature.

If the Senate passes the House bill, the president would have 30 days to sign it into law before it goes to the President’s desk for his approval.

If the House does not pass its version, Trump will have 30 more days to do so.

Trump is expected back in Washington for a Thursday meeting with Vice President Mike Pence and other top officials, according to a White House official who asked not to be identified.

A White House statement said that the president will make a speech on healthcare on Thursday evening.

A senior White House aide told Fox News that Trump plans to meet with Pence, Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price and Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

The aide said the president is “optimistic” the House can pass the House-passed legislation.

The White House said Trump will meet with House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and discuss healthcare.

The Senate has passed several versions of its ObamaCare bill, including a version that would repeal the ACA’s requirement that everyone buy health insurance or pay a fine.

The bill also would repeal taxes on individuals making more than $200,000 and on large corporations and hedge funds.

FoxNews.com’s Matthew Dean contributed to this report.

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