How to tell if your commercial is being ignored by a commercial-free zone

A commercial-based zone means a site that restricts the placement and display of ads, even if they are targeted at individuals, businesses or organizations.

But the process can be tricky for some businesses, especially those that do not pay for the right to display ads.

Businesses can ask to place ads in the zone, but the ads may not be placed at all, or may be removed by the commercial-focused zone.

Here’s how to determine if your business is a commercial free zone.

Read more about commercial zones:Commercial-free zones are not necessarily safe for businesses because they can also be a target for hackers.

You can tell if a site is a free zone by checking if it uses JavaScript and the Adobe Flash plugin, and if the site is on the whitelist.

If your business has been hit with a commercial zone violation, you should file a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General.

Business owners who believe their business has received a commercial license violation should contact the OAG and request a meeting with the OIG, which will determine whether the business is eligible for a commercial exemption.

The OAG also issues notices to violators, and the OCC can issue a warning if the notice is not followed up.

The Bureau of Consumer Protection (BCP) is responsible for enforcing the rules governing commercial free zones, which were put in place by Congress in 2016 to protect consumers.

For more information about commercial free-zones, contact your state consumer protection agency or go to to learn more.ABC News’ Chris Beasley contributed to this report.

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