‘Chilterns’ and ‘commercial affairs’: How one company got its name

Commercial affairs is a word often used in connection with business, especially in the financial sector.

However, that term has an important definition.

It’s a business term for a company that does something that is not part of its primary business, which in this case is a hotel or motel.

This is the definition of commercial affairs in the UK.

The term comes from the German word for “business,” “chilten.”

It was coined by Friedrich Helfgott in 1885.

It first appeared in the British Dictionary in 1891, and became the common currency in 1875. “

The term ‘commercial,’ however, has a long history in the United Kingdom.

It first appeared in the British Dictionary in 1891, and became the common currency in 1875.

In 1879, Sir Walter Raleigh, who was also an author, made use of the term.

Raleigh wrote: “In the present world, commercial and industrial enterprises are everywhere in rapid change and are rapidly developing.”

Commercial affairs are, in fact, a part of the business that goes on at a hotel, motel or business office.

This includes the company’s revenue, the profit it makes, and any debts.

The name of the hotel or business, however, is usually used in a commercial sense.

The company is not a commercial enterprise.

The hotel or office, for example, is not the commercial entity.

The business is.

The word “commercial” can be used to refer to a commercial arrangement.

This allows the company to take advantage of a favorable trade relationship and the ability to do business.

It allows the hotel, for instance, to charge the customer more or to use a service it does not provide.

The word commercial does not have a legal definition.

This does not mean the company is breaking the law.

It means the business is doing something that falls under the legal definition of business, and it is not breaking the rules.

It is an appropriate way to describe an arrangement in which the business meets its customers needs.

In fact, the law states that a company must make every reasonable effort to make its arrangements commercially beneficial to its customers.

The law is clear on this point.

Commercial affairs can also refer to any kind of business that is related to the business, such as insurance, legal practice, marketing, and so on.

The legal term commercial does refer to all types of business in which a company does something for the benefit of its customers, even if the business involves little or no actual work.

Commercial affairs include all kinds of business where a company is involved.

Commercial is an adjective that can be applied to a business, not just to one.

The meaning of commercial is complex.

Some businesses are very small and very small commercial activities, whereas others are larger, more important, and therefore, the term commercial has more specific meaning.

Another word that has come into use in connection to commercial affairs is “commercial real estate.”

This word is used to describe real estate that is managed by a company or a limited liability company (LLC), as opposed to a limited partnership.

A limited liability business is a business that does business exclusively in the name of a single entity.

These are generally the same businesses that have the name “hotel.”

However, if the company itself does not carry out a commercial operation, the business name will have to be used.

A corporation or limited partnership is a limited business.

There is no need to choose a company name, but it is best to select one that describes the company and the nature of the operations carried out by the company.

The best place to do this is to consult the Business Information Services (BIS) register of companies in your area, or call the Business and Commercial Registration Service (BCRS).

This will give you a list of registered companies and the information required to complete a Business Information Request.

BIS provides the BIS register with all the information that you need to know to complete your request.

A request for a Commercial Real Estate Corporation (CRE) form should include: Name and address of the company, its registered office, the company name and address, the address where the company operates, a statement of purpose, the current account balance, and an explanation of the purposes of the firm.

If the request is made online, you can get a copy of the CRE registration form from the BRS website.

BIS also offers a telephone number, where you can contact BIS for information on how to complete the CRE form.

Businesses that operate as a limited company are not covered by the Bis registration.

If you are an individual, the Bisto Group Limited Partnership Act, as amended in 2014, requires you to register as a Limited Partnership if you are not already a registered Limited Partnership.

The Act also provides that an individual is not required

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