Why is the West Indies trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Australia?

The West Indies are seeking to use a similar tactic in the World Twenty20 to avoid being held responsible for their own failures, a move that could backfire and jeopardise the lucrative tour. 

Australia will be in India for a one-day match on Monday (AEDT) against Pakistan, with the series moving to New Delhi later in the week.

As a result, West Indies have decided to make a plea for a waiver from the ICC, the governing body for the Twenty20.

While they would have to prove they did not take part in any act of misconduct or cheating during the game, West Indians’ chief executive Paul Connors said that the West Indian team did not think that they would be held accountable for their failures during the tournament.

“There was no wrongdoing at any stage of the game,” Connors told the BBC.

“The team was on a plane, flying to India and they were not involved in any incident.”

It is a difficult situation to put it in but we understand the frustration of the players.

“If they can make a submission to the ICC that they have not taken part in misconduct or fraud, then they can apply to the World Cricket Board to be part of the World T20.”

We have made the request to the Board and we are waiting for a response from them.

“We are looking forward to our first test against Pakistan at the MCG in a couple of days.””

The most important thing is to get to New York on time and to get the best out of this tournament,” Holding said.

“We are looking forward to our first test against Pakistan at the MCG in a couple of days.”

I feel that we have been working hard, we have played well but we have also done a lot of work in the past year to improve our game.

“Australia, on the other hand, are keen to avoid a repeat of the tragedy in India and have asked the ICC to provide a list of the “most significant incidents” and the “significant events” that occurred during the competition.

A list of incidents can be found on the ICC website.

West Indies are keen for a way to avoid the blame of the team that is now being held to account, with captain Michael Clarke saying he would be “disappointed” if West Indies were not “fairly” compensated.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 live, Clarke said: “They’re asking us to pay them.

It would be difficult to do that if they weren’t willing to pay the right amount.

“Clarke said that he would not be surprised if West Indian players were found to have taken part and that “nobody would want to play against us”.”

I think that we are trying to play the game in a way that is fair and that’s the way we want to be playing it.

“They’re trying to take the blame, but we are not going to do anything about it.

We’re going to accept whatever is in front of us.”

Holding said West Indies’ position was that they had “nothing to hide”.

“They have to understand the game is not a fair game and that you can play to the best of your ability and we’re not trying to hide anything,” Holding told the radio station.

Clarking, however, suggested that the players might want to give the West Indians a chance.

“When the players do come forward, we’re looking forward and we want them to play as good as we can play and if they can, we’ll accept the results,” he said.

“But we’re also happy to play to our strengths.”

And when they’re not, we can’t take the ball off the field.

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