What is commercial affairs?

Commercial affairs are the department’s most significant roles, overseeing business, consumer and consumer protection, environmental protection and transport.

They are responsible for ensuring all the department operates in a transparent and responsible manner and their main job is to oversee the implementation of Government policies.

They also liaise with other departments and agencies to help with the implementation and management of Government business.

Commercial affairs are responsible and accountable for ensuring that the department is able to achieve the full set of objectives that it sets out in its strategy, for example, ensuring a fair and transparent competition process, protecting consumer interests and protecting the environment.

Commercial Affairs officers also work in the department to ensure the department has a robust, coherent and sustainable procurement process and is able achieve the goals of its strategic plan.

Commercial relations is a very diverse profession with many responsibilities, said the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, or DBS.

Commercial services are provided to business, to consumers and to the public, providing services such as procurement, communications, advertising, human resources, procurement, human capital and support.

Commercial service providers also provide training and technical assistance, but also offer business advice to businesses, and to individuals and groups.

Commercial Services are also responsible for supporting the business of the department and the public.DBS has a diverse and inclusive workforce, with people from all walks of life and ethnicities, DBS said.

The department’s commercial services team is made up of more than 60 commercial services people, many of whom are from other departments, and is made of over 200 people from a range of backgrounds.

For more information on commercial affairs:Department of Business and Innovation and Science (DBSIS) – Office of the Secretary and Executive DirectorDepartment of Health and Social Services (DHS) – Directorate of Health Promotion and Services (DHPS)Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) – Chief Medical OfficerThe Department of Defence (DOD) – General Services Administration

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