Commercial Affairs lawyer says she is suing Channel 4 for defamation

A commercial affairs lawyer is suing the British television network Channel 4 in the US, alleging the broadcaster’s reporting on her case violated her civil rights.

The lawyer, Jennifer Matson, filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Thursday after Channel 4 reported on her personal story and its use of footage of her to show its own story.

“I’m not a liar.

I don’t want Channel 4 to make a false statement,” Matson said in an interview.

“But Channel 4’s reporting has been false, as I have stated before.”

Matson filed her complaint on behalf of three former clients of the legal services company in New York, Pennsylvania and Florida.

She said Channel 4 had used footage of the story and Matson’s family, including her own children, to show what it claimed was a “false” story about her.

“My name is Jennifer M. Matson.

I have a lot of friends who are victims of commercial and media crimes,” Mandy, 22, told CNN.

“They want to know why I am not being told the truth, why I can’t see them.”

Channel 4 declined to comment on the complaint. “

She was never a liar.”

Channel 4 declined to comment on the complaint.

Mitzan, who was also a presenter on the UK-based Channel 4 News, said she did not intend to sue, but that Channel 4 executives were attempting to mislead her and her family by portraying her as a liar and a thief.

Mizan’s story Mitzen said she was not sure what Channel 4 was going to do about her case, but felt “burdened by the responsibility” of representing clients in court.

“If it was a story I told on the air and Channel 4 didn’t like it, it would say ‘you have to do better next time’,” she said, adding that her family were concerned about her safety.

“We don’t believe in a lie detector test.”

Channel Four did not respond to CNN’s requests for comment.

Mazin and Mitzman had been pursuing a settlement of more than $4.8 million, but had reached a deal with Channel 4 last month for a $1.3 million settlement.

MZ, the former Channel 4 news anchor, told Matson that she was a former commercial affairs reporter and not a “serial liar”.

“You have to be able to say that to people, even if they don’t agree with you,” Mitzin said.

Mzins lawyer, Paul Parekh, told the AP that Mzin was being treated unfairly.

“You’re being targeted,” he said.

A Channel 4 spokesman said the company did not comment on pending litigation.

A spokesman for the FCC said: “We look forward to taking further action against any person who engages in unlawful conduct.”

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