Commercial Affairs Counsel to be appointed by Department of Justice to advise on national security,national security waiver,foreign policy

Commercial Affairs is a private law firm, which provides legal advice to governments on the legal and commercial aspects of international trade.

It is currently led by Andrew Hickey, a former senior Justice Department official who is now a partner at CAC. 

CAC provides clients with legal advice, including on trade and security, international trade, and financial regulation.

It also provides guidance on US foreign policy and international law. 

Mr Hickey was previously the assistant US trade representative for international commerce, and he is a former partner at Hogan Lovells. 

The Department of State’s Office of Inspector General announced last month that Mr Hickey’s firm, Commercial Affairs, has a history of “improper conduct” that “may have jeopardized foreign government procurement”.

The IG’s report stated that the firm had failed to follow “a reasonable and reasonable standard of care in assessing potential threats to national security”.

The Department has requested the firm’s resignation from the post of commercial affairs counsel. 

“The Government is committed to protecting national security and to fostering a transparent and secure environment in which trade can flourish and business can thrive, and this includes ensuring that those who deal in the commercial sectors of our economy have the expertise to do so safely and effectively,” said a statement from the Office of the US Trade Representative. 

Commercial Affairs was also a subject of scrutiny in the 2016 Presidential election. 

In a blogpost, Republican candidate Donald Trump said Mr Hiccys firm had engaged in “totally illegal and unethical” lobbying on behalf of foreign governments. 

This was prompted by a lawsuit brought by US citizens who alleged that the Trump Foundation was receiving donations from foreign governments while Mr Hickeys firm was representing a foreign government in its litigation. 

Following the election, the Trump campaign called for Mr Hics firm to be removed from the US trade delegation. 

But after the election it was revealed that the candidate had made a $500,000 donation to the firm and that he and his wife, Melania, had given at least $200,000 to the campaign. 

 Mr Trump also said Mr Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, should have stepped down from the trade delegation in January after the allegations against him. 

On Friday, the President signed a letter into law calling on the Department of the Treasury to investigate whether Mr Podesta, who has also worked for the Trump Campaign, had been complicit in the scheme. 

Trump said he did not support any lobbying of the State Department in connection with the Russia investigation and that the letter was “a very sad day for our country”.

“I will be issuing an executive order to investigate the matter immediately,” Mr Trump said in a statement.

“The President has the authority to remove anyone who is violating federal law.

It’s time to put a stop to the illegal and corrupt conduct of the Clintons and their friends in the State Dept.

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