A new report details how California’s coal industry has been left in the lurch as demand for renewable energy grows

Coal miners across the country are feeling the pinch of a booming renewable energy market.

The industry’s fortunes have been driven by the emergence of cheap natural gas, but as demand from the new wave of solar panels and batteries has soared, the cost of coal has also gone up.

And with a glut of supply, there’s a risk that the market for cheap energy could collapse if demand doesn’t rise.

The report from the US Department of Energy’s Carbon Tracker 2020 shows that while the coal industry was booming for more than a decade, the demand for energy has slowed sharply.

This year, the coal mining industry will need to rely on renewable energy at about 1.2 percent of its total power needs, compared to just 1.1 percent in 2016.

That means the industry is on track to need about 6.3 million megawatts of renewable energy capacity, down from 7.6 million megawatt-hours in 2016, according to the report.

The impact on the mining industry has also been dramatic.

Since coal mines were built, the total coal output has fallen from nearly 3 million tons in 1996 to less than 1 million tons by 2020.

While coal mining still accounts for about 15 percent of the country’s electricity production, the number of coal miners has been falling over the last decade.

Coal companies were able to ramp up production by buying cheap coal from other countries, but the mining boom has resulted in the industry losing millions of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

The report found that the coal companies are struggling to keep up with the surging demand.

The decline in coal production is especially concerning in states like Wyoming, which have seen their coal production drop by nearly 50 percent in the last ten years.

The US has already lost more than 4 million jobs in the mining sector since the 1990s, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Department of Labor estimated that if current trends continue, the industry will lose up to 6 million jobs by 2025.

Coal mining is currently losing jobs at a rate of almost one per month, according a report from McKinsey and Company.

“The coal industry is now seeing its biggest downturn since the 1970s, and there’s not enough coal to fill the demand,” said David Zuckerman, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress.

The coal companies have long tried to minimize the impact of the downturn on the coal miners.

The companies have been buying up cheap natural-gas liquids and using them to make electricity.

But as demand has fallen, so has the price of natural gas.

That has resulted into a decline in the coal market, which is one of the few places where coal is still needed.

The decline in demand is one factor behind the collapse in coal mining.

As coal production has declined, more and more of the industry’s revenue comes from electricity sales.

The drop in revenue has caused the coal producers to make significant investments in electric generation, including solar, wind, and other renewable sources of power.

But the downturn has also resulted in a sharp decline in solar, a major part of the energy sector.

Coal’s solar industry is one in which the coal company gets a cut of the profits.

So far this year, coal companies in the US have only taken a small cut of electricity generated from solar.

Coal is the biggest generator of electricity for the solar industry, and in recent years, solar has been able to generate as much as three-quarters of the power that it used to.

The sector is now suffering from low solar prices, according.

While coal mining has been booming, solar panels have become increasingly common.

Solar power is now cheaper than coal, but coal is struggling to compete with the cheaper prices solar panels are able to sell for.

The rise in solar panels is due to the fact that solar panels require less coal to make, and solar panels can be made at home.

The cheaper solar panels make it more affordable for consumers to have access to clean energy.

The shift to solar energy has also led to a significant increase in the number and quality of solar energy installations.

Over the last few years, companies have become more efficient at installing solar panels, and this has helped increase the number in the market.

A recent study found that by 2022, the solar installation market will reach $1.3 trillion.

This will represent nearly half of all solar installations in the country, and is expected to increase to $2.1 trillion by 2030.

This is one part of what’s driving the drop in coal, Zuckermann said.

Coal was one of those sectors that relied on coal mining, and now solar is a new generation of renewable power.

But while solar has made solar more affordable, the price that solar gets is not as good as coal.

And that’s hurting coal companies.

The bottom line is that the mining and energy industries are struggling, but there are also a lot of other factors that are

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