Which clubs are ready for a new era?

It’s a big week for the Australian football landscape, with five new clubs confirmed for the 2015/16 season, including the first ever Premier League club to be officially confirmed as the club for the future.AAP/AAP ImagesAAP 3/4 A look at some of the clubs the NRL will play in in 2016/17.

AAP 4/4 Clubs are set to start the new season in a new home venue in Melbourne.

AIMS News and Sport 1/4 The list of Australian football’s biggest names who have moved to other countries since the start of the season.

AEM/AEM/Getty ImagesAEM 2/4 How many Australian players will be playing in the NRL this season?

AEM 3/5 Who will make the cut for the NRL’s inaugural All-Australian team?

AIMs News and Sports 1/5 How many NRL clubs will play their first game at the ANZ Stadium in Melbourne in April?

AAMI/Getty 2/5 What clubs will be officially declared to the NRL?

AAP/Getty 3/10 Who is on the list of clubs to make the jump to the big screen?

AAML/Getty 4/10 Can we count on some more NRL clubs moving to the states?

AAD/Getty 5/10 What happens if one club isn’t on the initial list of NRL clubs to be declared?

AATT/Getty 6/10 Is there any chance of the NRL returning to the AFL?

AAP/Getty 7/10 Could the NRL become a separate entity?

AAP 8/10 Should the NRL play its home games at ANZ?

AAS/Getty 9/10 The next big event for the sport’s governing body will be the All-Star game, which is slated for March 25.

AAMI News and Entertainment 10/10 Will the NRL be playing at the MCG in 2016?

AAL/Getty 1/10 How many of the big four NRL clubs have already been announced?

AAMS News and Events/GettyImages 2/10 NRL clubs and players will play a match in their home city of Sydney in April, with the final date to be announced at the end of April.

AAM/Getty3/10 A look on the current state of Australian rugby league.

AAP/AAM/ Getty ImagesAAM 4/5 Which clubs the NSWRL will play next season?

AAP 5/5 Where do we stand in the Australian game?

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