‘No need for boycott’: Censor board rejects complaints

The Censor Board on Friday rejected complaints from two organisations which claimed that they were unfairly targeted in the censoring of ‘No-Maj’ film.

The two organisations had sought a ban on ‘No Maj’ and had sought an advisory from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) to cancel ‘No’ from the screening list of the 2017 National Film Awards (NFAs) and the 2017 Censor Awards (CA) along with other films by the same directors.

In their petition, the two organisations said the ban on the film was discriminatory.

“This was not the case.

The petitioners did not have any issue with ‘No Mas’ being banned from screening,” said a senior spokesperson of the board.

The board was informed that the petitioners were in the process of contacting their respective film studios and would seek an advisory in accordance with the provisions of the Cinematograph Act, 2018.

The CBFC, however, rejected the two petitions.

“We have received complaints from certain actors and producers of ‘Najam’ who had not been granted the permission to film ‘No Maj’ in our cinemas, and we are reviewing the complaints.

There are no issues with the films in our theatres,” said Censor and Media Relations Officer (CMRO) Suresh Kumar.”

There is no need for a boycott of ‘Dhruvna Darshan’ as the film is still being released.

We have no objection to the screening of the film,” said Sureshe Kumar.

A similar statement was received by the National Film Certification Authority (NFCA) for ‘Nagisaan’.

In a statement, the NFCA said that it had received the petition from the petitioner, and that the CBFC would take a call on the matter.

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