‘I think we have a pretty clear understanding of how to handle it’: Attorney General’s office in response to DOJ probe

Washington (CNN) — Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Wednesday that he and his team have made “very clear” to the Justice Department that the Justice Dept. should “immediately cease” any investigations of whether the Trump administration colluded with Russia.

The remarks were made in a series of tweets that were widely shared and were not included in Sessions’ daily briefing.

“I think it’s clear to all that I’m very, very clear that I’ve said that the investigation is over, and we should not be doing it,” Sessions said.

Sessions, who has been a top surrogate for Trump during the probe, said he would work with his staff “to expedite” any investigation of the Russian probe, adding that he had confidence in the Justice Department’s investigation of Russia.

In the tweets, Sessions also repeated his call for an independent commission to investigate the Russia probe.

He said the Trump team had “very clearly” made “clear” to him that the probe should end.

The White House press office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the tweets.

The tweets follow a flurry of news reports about the Trump campaign’s dealings with Russia during the 2016 election, and Sessions said Tuesday that the investigations into Russia’s alleged efforts to interfere in the 2016 campaign and possible collusion between Trump associates and Russian officials were ongoing.

Sesssion’s comments came after President Donald Trump said on Twitter that Sessions was not “good enough” to serve as the nation’s top law enforcement official.

Santorum had previously said that he was willing to serve “in a capacity that I feel is appropriate” for the Trump-Pence administration.

A number of former Trump aides and other advisers have pleaded the Fifth Amendment to avoid testifying publicly about their interactions with Russian officials, and some have spoken out about what they perceived as attempts by the Trump White House to silence them.

The former Trump campaign aides, some of whom are now attorneys, are part of the bipartisan group of former campaign officials who filed a lawsuit in October alleging Trump campaign officials attempted to impede their ability to testify.

Sussman’s office did NOT respond to CNN’s request for an interview Wednesday.CNN’s Dana Bash contributed to this report.

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