How to get a free commercial affairs position: How to apply

This is the second in a two-part series that details how to apply for a commercial affairs (CAs) position in the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

We will be updating this post with new information every week.

Read Part 1.

Part 2: A look at the commercial affairs commercial affairs portfolioWe are committed to being your source for government business.

Read moreThe first part of the post discusses how to obtain a commercial services contract in the DOJ commercial affairs program.

If you are looking for an open commercial affairs or commercial affairs positions in the Justice Department, check out the DOJ’s commercial affairs website, where you can view the positions and apply.

For the position of commercial affairs associate director of commercial services, you will be responsible for:Working closely with the Commercial Services division of the DOJ and coordinating the commercial services portfolio in DOJ Commercial Services.

Responsible for:The Office of the Assistant Attorney General (AAAG) for Commercial Affairs and Public Affairs, which includes all of the commercial service and commercial affairs divisions within DOJ.

Working closely and collaboratively with the Office of Legal Counsel and the Office for Civil Rights, which represent the interests of consumers, businesses, and the general public.

Working to enhance the overall efficiency of DOJ Commercial Affairs by:Improving coordination and efficiency of the division and ensuring that all commercial services functions are adequately managed.

Making sure that all DOJ Commercial Agencies are in compliance with DOJ regulations and policies.

Working with the DOJ Office of Inspector General to ensure compliance with regulations and policy, and improving the transparency of the business operations of the Division.

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