Commercial Affairs Department (CAD)

Commercial Affairs, the Department of Commercial Affairs is the lead agency for government services in the Commonwealth.

The purpose of the department is to promote and support commercial affairs, including commercial finance, commercial banking and insurance, financial services, insurance and the commercial real estate market.

The role of the CAD includes:Promoting the commercial interests of the CommonwealthThe development of the commercial sector, including the creation and management of commercial property, including land and buildings, as well as the development of financial services and the management of the financial sector.

Promoting the economic interests of commercial and industrial businesses, including trade and finance.

Promoting and supporting the growth of the national economy through the development and administration of public administration, including education and research.

The commercial affairs department has a broad mandate, including policy, programs and management, including that of the Secretary of State, and is responsible for the development, implementation and enforcement of the Commercial Property Licensing Act and related laws.

The Commercial Affairs department has the power to appoint and remove the Secretary or any person in his or her capacity as a member of the Department, or to suspend, amend or refuse to renew membership in the Department.

The Secretary of States power to remove the Commissioner is delegated to the Commercial Affairs Minister.

The CAD was created in response to the loss of commercial activity in the Australian Capital Territory due to the Great Barrier Reef Reef Marine Park Marine Park Act 1999 and the establishment of the Great Australian Bight.

The first commissioner was appointed on February 1, 2000.

The Commissioner is a non-partisan member of Parliament, who acts on behalf of the Minister for the Environment and the Department for the Protection of the Environment.

Development Is Supported By

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