Why is the commercial affairs department trying to control NBNCo?

The commercial affairs ministry’s latest move is to remove the requirement for an NBNCo commercial advisor and instead appoint a commercial affairs manager.

Commercial Affairs Minister Michael McCormack told news.com,au NBNCo was “a bit of a joke” and “wasn’t delivering the promised results” when it launched the commercial services.

“I would argue that NBNCo had the wrong priorities for commercial services and they’ve just had to work through the pain of having to sell them off,” he said.

The minister said the commercial advisor would be a “small group of professionals” and not a commercial services department.

He said NBNCo’s commercial services had “proven to be a pretty good platform” and was a “good fit for a number of commercial services”.

“They were successful with some of the commercial packages,” he told reporters.

McCarthy said the minister would “work hard” to “rebuild” the NBNCo business model.

Mr McCormack said he would meet with the chief executive of NBNCo, Stephen Gough, on Tuesday to discuss NBNCo and the “future of the business”.

Mr Gough said in a statement that the NBN Co business model had “worked incredibly well over the past 12 years”.

The commercial services portfolio is “an area where we have been working closely with NBNCo” to ensure “the commercial services business remains a viable and viable business, Mr Gough added.

NBNCo has “had a lot of success” with the commercial service model, he said, but “there’s a lot more we need to do”.

“This is a very important time for NBNCo to reassess its business model and how it operates,” Mr McCormack added. “

We’re committed to that, and we’re committed for the future.”

“This is a very important time for NBNCo to reassess its business model and how it operates,” Mr McCormack added.

NBNCo said in its statement it “continues to work with the industry to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective service possible”.

As part of its commercial services strategy, NBNCo “continually seeks to expand and improve its existing services,” it said.

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