Why did the governor cancel my commercial office?

In the summer of 2017, the governor of New Jersey cancelled the commercial affairs office of the governor, citing its size and complexity.

The office had been run by a former political adviser who had resigned in 2017, and the office’s chief financial officer resigned in 2018. 

The office was created by the governor in the early 2000s to provide political and other support to the governor’s political and political party campaigns, but had become an increasingly large and complex operation.

The governor’s office had a staff of about 300, many of whom had been employed for decades, and an office director, who had also been an adviser to the gubernatorial campaigns.

The director, a former executive at a law firm, was also the state’s political finance director, an office that was created in 2009. 

In September of 2017 and October of 2017 , as the office grew, so did the size of the office and the complexity of the process, according to a letter written by the office director.

The letter, which was shared with the Atlantic City Journal, alleged that the governor had not provided sufficient assurances that the office would not be a burden on taxpayers.

The new director, James Sargent, had already served as the governor for less than a year. 

Sargent wrote that he had been given a budget of $7.6 million for the fiscal year beginning in December of 2017.

Sargents letter also said the office had “been operating at the highest level of complexity” since it was created, and that “there was no indication that the budget contemplated by the legislature would address this issue.” 

The letter continued, “The budget proposed by the legislative leaders includes an extensive increase in the size and scope of the offices office staff.” 

Sargeant told the Atlantic Journal that he believes the office was cancelled because of budget issues that had been raised at the time of SargENT’s resignation.

He said he was also told the office wouldn’t be able to be fully funded because it was a “virtual office.” 

“The governor wanted the office to be run like a political party, like he wanted it to be a political operation,” Sargeant said. 

But, he said, he was not aware of any formal budget discussions with the governor. 

“I did not ask the governor if there were any discussions,” Sargant said, “because the office is a virtual office.”

Sargeants letter was one of several written by state officials who say they were frustrated by the complexity and the expense of running the office. 

One of the issues, according the letter, was that the director was “not authorized to manage the office.”

The letter also claimed that the state had “not given the office sufficient notice that it was to be closed, or had sufficient opportunity to notify the governor that the Office was to close.” 

Another issue was the amount of work the office performed.

Sargeantaes letter said that the department had “received hundreds of requests from people seeking assistance in preparing for, or during, the election of Governor Chris Christie” and that it “had requested the assistance of a consultant to assist with this.” 

According to the letter from Sargeent, he told the governor he had “no reason to believe that the request for assistance from the department would not have been fulfilled.” 

However, in November of 2017 the director’s letter said Sargeents office had received a “provisional budget” from the legislature.

Sages letter also stated that the executive director had been paid “in accordance with a statutory and contractual arrangement” and was “required to submit a budget proposal for the 2018 fiscal year.” 

In December, Sargeanti told the Journal that the offices budget had not been submitted and that he was unsure if it would be approved. 

It was not immediately clear if Sargeance had received any formal communications from the governor or his office, but he said he would not comment on whether he believed the governor intended to cancel the office or that he believed it was cancelled for budgetary reasons. 

While the office itself was shut down, the agency that operated it was allowed to continue, according Sargeante. 

According the Atlantic article, Sarganti said the director had told him the office “was going to be taken down.” 

A spokesperson for the governor did not respond to a request for comment on Sargeantis letter, as did a spokesman for Sargeand said they were not aware that the former political advisor had resigned. 

As for Sargante, he has not responded to multiple requests for comment. 

However Sagant did release a statement saying that he wanted to thank the New Jersey Governor’s Office and the Governor’s political office for their “exemplary leadership” and “excellent work” during his tenure as director.

He also said that he hoped the office could continue to be “a great asset to the state and to the

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