Which is better: an electric car or a plane?

Commercial and non-commercial aviation are growing rapidly, but the latter is also gaining a new generation of electric and hybrid planes.

It’s the first time that electric and gas aircraft have faced a single-seat passenger cabin design, the authors of a paper published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences say.

The paper, co-authored by engineers at the US Department of Defense and a group of academics at the University of California, Los Angeles, describes a novel design for a single seat electric and/or gas-electric airplane that incorporates new wing design technologies, new airframe components, and new airfield structures.

The design is a joint effort between Boeing, a US-based company, and researchers from the US Army Research Office, the Air Force Research Laboratory, and the National Air & Space Museum in Washington DC.

Boeing says that the new plane, the X-37B, can be built with existing engines, and that its propulsion system can also be upgraded to include new engine technology.

“It’s the world’s first jet that is both fuel efficient and cost effective for the US military and commercial markets,” said Jeff Tittel, director of commercial aviation for Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

“This is a big deal for the future of commercial air travel, as the next generation of jetliners will not be able to compete with these aircraft.

The Air Force is working closely with the commercial sector to get the X‑37B to market, and we’re looking forward to getting this airplane in the field soon.”

The plane, which is expected to enter service in 2020, has the capability to carry passengers for about 70 minutes.

In addition to the plane’s wings, it has a new engine, new wing and tail surfaces, and a new fuselage design.

The engine in the X ­37B is a liquid oxygen-fueled turbojet.

The fuselage is a carbon composite structure made from lightweight composite materials, and has a maximum wing area of around 7 square meters (13 square feet).

A wing, which has been engineered to have high lift-off performance, can carry about 1,200 kilograms (3,300 pounds) of payload.

“We are very excited to see this airplane come to market,” said Brian M. Koll, director and chief executive officer of Boeing Commercial.

“Boeing is an iconic American company and we are looking forward the opportunities that this new airplane presents in the commercial aviation marketplace.”

The X-47B, which was built to fly unmanned over the Pacific Ocean, is the US Air Force’s most advanced supersonic bomber, and is capable of supersonically reaching Mach 5 (Mach 5.2) speeds, making it the fastest supersonics in the world.

The X‑47B has a wingspan of about 6.6 meters (20 feet), and a wingspans of 4.4 meters (12 feet), 4.3 meters (11 feet) and 2.9 meters (8 feet).

The wingspan for the X­37B has been reduced to 2.2 meters (6 feet).

In a previous design, Boeing tested the X–37B’s new wing designs at the Mojave Air and Space Port in California.

The first wing design, called the X‐37B Advanced Wings, is designed to have a maximum lift-to-drag ratio of 1.6, a maximum flight envelope of around 300 meters (1,400 feet), an engine capacity of 300 kW (250 hp) and a maximum takeoff weight of 1,500 kilograms (2,500 pounds).

The design will use composite materials and new winglets.

The second wing design is the X – 37B Advanced Wing II.

The wings of the X Advanced Wings have a wing area at 1.4 square meters, which compares with the previous design’s wing area, at 1 square meters.

The new wing can reach a maximum thrust of more than 1,100 kN (1.3 million pounds) with a maximum take-off weight of 6,000 kilograms (15,000 pounds).

The wings of both wings can carry payloads up to 1,000 kg (2.0 million pounds), which is similar to the previous wing designs, but with a heavier wing structure that reduces drag.

In an attempt to improve the efficiency of the wing design and reduce drag, the wing is made up of composite materials that can be stretched and flexed to provide maximum wing lift, a process known as microstructure bending.

The wing design also includes two additional components.

The third wing, known as the XR wing, consists of two new composite materials: a lightweight carbon composite called carbon composite, and an aerodynamic composite called lightweight composite.

The aerodynamic structure of the composite is also modified to reduce drag.

The final wing element, known under the code name XR1, has a carbon-fiber composite that is thinner than the wing element.

“With the new design, we’re able

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