Consumer affairs commercial ends after eight months in the can

FourFourSecond Consumer affairs is about to end its seven-month stint in the Australian market.

The consumer affairs program was launched in March and has seen a significant rise in its popularity since its launch.

However, the program has been plagued by poor quality ratings and has been criticised for not being sufficiently consumer friendly.

Its ratings have taken a beating and have dropped to a mere 2.6 out of 10.

A recent review from consumer affairs analyst firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech found the program was rated by consumers as being less than “excellent”.

Kantar WorldPanel ComTech Consumer Affairs Ratings Report for January to February 2018Read moreA survey of consumer affairs customers found only 39 per cent had used the program to improve their own shopping experience.

While it has attracted a large number of new customers, the results were not encouraging.

A survey by research company Nielsen found consumer affairs was only a 6 per cent market share, which was lower than its previous ratings.

The program is set to be axed from the ABC this year.

Kantara’s consumer affairs chief executive, John Geddes, told the ABC that the program had a long way to go before it was considered an “experiment”.

“It’s not just about getting ratings,” he said.

“We have to get people to feel comfortable in our shop and we’ve got to make sure they’re comfortable there.”

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