A look at the commercial breaks that have made the NHL the most popular sport in Canada

Sports fans everywhere can enjoy the NHL as the most-popular professional sports league in the world, according to a new report.

The new survey of 10,000 fans by the NHL, which covers more than half of the country, also found that nearly three-quarters of Canadians play at least one game in the league’s 32 teams.

And while the sport is still largely confined to the United States and its smaller, poorer provinces, its popularity is growing in other countries, including China, Japan, South Korea and Mexico.

The survey by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Globe and Mail found that more than a third of fans said they are fans of hockey.

The average age of fans is 26, and the average age at which they watched games was 32.

And the percentage of fans who say they are a member of a particular team is growing: 36 per cent said they were a member last year.

Among the 10 NHL teams, Montreal’s Canadiens are the most prominent in Canada, with almost a third (31 per cent) of fans in the country.

They are followed by the Toronto Maple Leafs (25 per cent), Vancouver Canucks (22 per cent).

Montreal’s season ends this weekend, and with it, the NHL’s regular season.

In addition to the Canadiens, the Montreal Canadiens also play the New York Rangers.

The Leafs and Vancouver Canucks, meanwhile, are among the teams that have already finished their regular season, and will not face each other in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The Toronto Maple Leaf’s season has been shortened to seven games in the first round, and Vancouver’s season to three games in round one.

The NHL’s ratings have grown by almost 10 per cent in the past four years, with average viewership increasing to 3.3 million for each season.

And despite the fact that the NHL has had some issues with its ratings in recent years, it still remains the most watched sport in the U.S. The NHL, according the Globe, has grown to the top spot for total viewers for the past two years.

The ratings for the NHL have also risen among fans in countries with high levels of participation in the game.

Canada and Canada-based hockey leagues have seen a 17 per cent increase in their average viewership from 2016 to 2017, according an ESPN study.

In China, hockey is now the most common sport among the young and the old, and has increased the number of people who play it to about 30 million people, according data from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

In the U., the number grew to 34 million people in 2020, according TOI.

And in South Korea, the numbers of people participating in hockey have more than doubled over the past decade, to almost 50 million.

In Mexico, the number has more than tripled, from about 2 million in 2010 to more than 5 million in 2017.

And in Mexico City, the country’s biggest city, the average number of hockey fans has more or less doubled to about 2.5 million in 2020.

In Japan, hockey has more members than any other sport, and there are currently about 4 million people who are fans, the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation reported.

In 2017, there were more than 1.5 billion people who watched hockey, and more than 60 per cent of them were in Japan.

In South Korea , there are more than 2.2 million people playing hockey in 2020 and a record number of members of the team is believed to be around 4 million.

In 2016, there was less than 600,000.

In Japan, there are now more than 7 million hockey fans.

In Russia, the sport has more young fans, about 600,001 in 2020 according to data from Russian Federation Sports Observatory.

The numbers in 2019 were around 800,000, and this year the number will likely be even higher.

The United States, which is home to the NHL and its affiliates, is seeing a decline in hockey attendance.

The number of NHL players playing has dropped by more than 20 per cent since 2015, when there were 1,531 NHL players in the United Kingdom.

And since then, attendance in the US has fallen by nearly 30 per cent, according ESPN.

But the decline is expected to pick up, according NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

According to a study by the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA), the league has experienced a decline of about 4 per cent per year in attendance.

In Canada, the Canadian Hockey League has seen its average attendance drop from 2.1 million in 2015 to 1.8 million in 2016.

The league is now playing games in Toronto and Vancouver.

The N.H.L. has also seen an increase in average attendance, according Toi.

In the U to U.K., the average attendance in 2019 was just under 690,000 compared to 1,600,000 in 2020 (according to the N.B. of Hockey Stats, a website which tracks the numbers and trends of the sport in

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