Why you should pay more attention to the big corporate spending ads — and what to watch for — in the presidential race

The most important ad to watch in the next four months of the 2016 election is a commercial that features the president himself.

It’s the only one of the ads that is airing in key battleground states, and it features President Barack Obama, the former first lady Michelle Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power.

The commercial, “Stronger Together,” begins with a shot of a group of people in their homes and concludes with a quote from the former president, a line that is repeated several times in the commercial.

The president is described as the “greatest leader this country has ever had” and the commercial ends with him speaking in his native Chicago.

This is a major campaign issue.

It should be very much on the mind of the voters, who have had an opportunity to see and hear the president speak about his administration in the last four months.

If this ad has made any impression, it’s that he’s been the most effective politician in American history.

He’s not just the most popular president ever, he’s also the most accomplished president.

There is no question in my mind that President Obama has done everything he could to ensure that the country remains on a strong economic track and that we continue to lead on the global stage.

His vision is for America to lead the world in a time of crisis.

That’s why he’s had a very positive relationship with the American people, and we can see it in the way that we’re seeing our economic performance.

In addition to this ad, there are other ads running around the country this year, like the one featuring the first lady in New York City.

They’re running the theme of the economy and what the president says to be the key to our success, but they’re also reminding voters that the economy is still a struggle for too many Americans.

This commercial also features Michelle Obama in a conversation with her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

The ad features her talking about how the economy was struggling, and then she asks him to take the reins and tell the American public that we can make a difference.

He says that he understands the concerns, but he’s got to do it alone.

It was one of his most powerful messages to voters.

He went out and made that decision to do the job alone, which was to build a great, strong economy.

The President also made a strong case for why we need to have the economy grow faster than we have done.

And it’s important that we have the confidence that our economy can grow even faster than it has, because the country is on the brink of a historic economic depression, and the only way we’re going to get out of this is to make the most of the talent and resources we have, because our economy is on a fast track.

So let’s make sure that we get the economy going.

The commercials also highlight the importance of the Affordable Care Act, which President Obama signed into law and which is helping millions of Americans get coverage.

It includes a number of other important programs like the Children’s Health Insurance Program and Medicare.

These are important programs that will help the American economy grow, but if we don’t keep these programs going, we will fall behind.

They also highlight other areas that President Clinton and President Obama have worked on together, including the war on drugs, the economic recovery of the auto industry, the creation of a National Defense Preparedness Corps and the creation and funding of a Presidential Emergency Plan for the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

These programs are helping millions, and they’re going strong.

These ads also highlight his leadership on climate change and the need to address the issue head-on.

In this ad for the Democratic Party, he talks about his role in bringing together the nations countries and the world to address global warming, and that the world needs more leadership to confront this threat.

It is also important that Americans are aware that the United States has been the top economy in the world for more than two decades, and President Clinton has been a leader on this issue, as well.

It has been very important to the American worker, but now we need the leadership from all of our leaders to confront the issue.

We have to have our leaders take a stand.

We are facing the greatest challenge since the end of World War II, and a new generation of leaders is needed to lead this effort.

But in addition to these major campaign ads, there is a smaller ad run by the Democratic National Committee that has already attracted national attention.

The advertisement features the first black female U.N. ambassador, Sally Kohn.

This ad, which is airing on television and on radio, is an important part of the DNC’s efforts to reach more African-American voters.

The message of this ad is that the Democrats have been a party of hope and progress, and now we have a chance to put our plan to achieve a better life on the ballot.

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