Why the world needs a new commercial department

The world’s largest technology company is facing criticism after a tweet from a marketing director for its advertising business made reference to a “corporate commercial”.

The tweet was posted by the company’s marketing director, Mike Cawley, on February 15.

In the tweet, Cawler said “you’ve got the new commercial.

Can you do it?”.

He later deleted the tweet and apologised for the “inappropriate reference” to the commercial.

“I am very sorry to anyone that might have been offended by this tweet,” Cawle said.

“To anyone who was offended, I apologise to them personally, and I am confident that this matter has been resolved.”

However, his apology was quickly met with a barrage of criticism on Twitter.

“What does it say about you, Mike?

You’re a big man.

You don’t know how to tweet,” one user wrote.”

He is a marketing manager who tweets that people will be surprised to learn that he is a big guy.

I bet his company has never heard of ‘corporate’ commercial?”

“I think that he needs to step down,” another user wrote, adding “his lack of respect for our industry is not only disrespectful, but it is also extremely dangerous”.

“I hope he knows that he cannot say things like that again and I hope he realizes that he has no business trying to make us feel uncomfortable, when we are just trying to sell the same products to the same audience,” another added.

In a statement, the company said it would take “all appropriate steps” to prevent similar tweets from being made again.

The tweet came after the launch of a new ad campaign by its brand, which was meant to show the benefits of its “100% safe” shampoo.

The campaign has already generated $1.5 million in new advertising revenue for the company, but Cawling said that would be “limited” in the future.

“This campaign will not only be an opportunity to show that our products are 100% safe, but also to show consumers the real benefits of our products and their impact on the environment,” he said.

The company has also introduced a new loyalty programme, which will include a 20% discount for any product purchased through its site, in a bid to raise awareness of the company.

It is understood the company will also be introducing a new logo to be used in the campaign, which is expected to be released by the end of the month.

The full statement from the company can be seen below:

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