What you need to know about a ‘fake’ consumer advice scam

You’ve got to hand it to consumers: they have a lot of confidence in their own judgement and are usually more than willing to accept advice they are not in a position to check.

The problem comes when you ask them to put money aside for your benefit and then demand a deposit.

A new scheme called Consumer Advice Scam is being rolled out in Australia by some of Australia’s biggest banks.

This is a scam designed to trick you into giving money to someone they don’t know and then demanding a deposit, the bank says.

You can see if your bank is involved here:Consumer Advice Scams Australia.

This new scam is different from the scams that have been around for years, but the tactics and methods remain the same.

The scammer will send a message that the bank will be in touch.

The first thing you will be asked to do is give a detailed statement about the situation you are in, such as your income, the cost of living and other expenses.

You will be then asked to deposit up to $10,000.

The bank will then make a statement to the bank account and send it to the scammer.

Once you have paid, the scamming company will send the money to the fraudster.

The money is often returned to you after some time, depending on the amount of the deposit.

It is also a good idea to check your bank’s website, or call their customer service line.

You should not deposit more than $10K in cash, but some people have been able to get away with doing this.

You should always check the bank’s customer services website, as well as checking the bank websites for any suspicious activity, to make sure you are not being scammed.

What to do if you get a scam callYou should never give money to anyone you don’t trust, or anyone you think is an imposter.

If you receive a scam phone call, do not give money.

You may have been scammed by the scam.

If this happens to you, you may be asked if you want to pay, or have money available for your bank to contact the scamster.

You are also asked to contact your bank.

If your bank has not responded to your calls, you should call them back.

It may take them some time to receive a call, and you will have to give the bank your bank number and contact details.

The person you are talking to should not be a scammer, but rather a customer service representative.

This scam is also not very easy to spot.

It can take up to two days for a bank to reach you.

If the scam is successful, you might not receive the money or any of your money will be returned to your account.

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