How to turn an iconic summer spot into a full-blown business

It’s hard to believe, but just a few years ago, Chiltern was a summertime novelty, with an estimated 50,000 people flocking to its scenic resort.

Now, its the world’s largest resort with more than 40,000 guests and an annual revenue of $3.2 billion.

But in the last decade, it’s struggled to grow, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

Now that Chilern has been bought by Disney, which owns a significant stake in the resort, its in need of a major boost.

Here’s how to turn a beloved summertime spot into one of the world�s largest.


Turn Chilen into a tourist attraction with a resort-size hotel.

In 2016, Disney bought Chileno for $2.4 billion and it�s now the world headquarters of its theme park empire.

Chilendorf is a unique mix of natural beauty and resort-sized hotel, according a Disney spokeswoman.


Create a brand-new theme park.

Chilling waters and pristine beaches make it a perfect place for a summer adventure.

With a hotel and a resort on the same site, the Chilenos have created a brand new park in the middle of the ocean.


Build a new resort.

Disney and its resort partner, Sotheby’s, have invested $250 million to transform the resort into a luxury hotel and restaurant complex.

Its the second time Disney has built a resort complex in the Pacific Northwest, after it opened the resort in California in 2011.


Turn an iconic beach spot into an upscale resort.

With its ocean views and secluded surroundings, Chiliern has become a favorite spot for vacationers, especially young couples who like to explore the island�s lush shoreline.

With an estimated 60,000 visitors a year, it�ll be a great place for you to spend a summer.


Bring more locals to the island.

Disney announced plans to open a second resort in the area by 2020.

With the company�s $2 billion investment, the resort will include a hotel, restaurant, shops, spa, shops and a fitness center.

Development Is Supported By

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